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Ideas of how to value used sails
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:34:01 AM »
This is what I look for when trying to price out used sails.

The first thing I look for is how dirty a sail is. This kinda lets me know how it was taken care of and if it was treated nicely around the boat yard.
You can tell a lot by looking at the bolt rope to see how much the sail is used. The top is usually warn a little that is no big deal but if the sail is warn badly at the batten pockets then you know it will need servicing soon and will not be worth as much $.Take a good look at all and fittings and make sure there are no holes.

Next thing I do here is hang the sail and look at the shape and draft. If the sails draft is within 10% of new I grade it with and "A". and down from there. These are the highest value used sails. They have not been abused by the flagging or excessive use.

Make sure you tell people if all the battens and bags are included. Battens cost about $140 so it will help sell the sails if they are there..

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Re: Ideas of how to value used sails
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Just wanted to ad, how to hang the sail up. If you don't have a Viper near by to hoist the sails, just get a couple buddies to hold a corner for you. Pull the luff as hard as you can and then trim the leech. Gravity will show you a lot of what the sail will look like.
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Re: Ideas of how to value used sails
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Use a screwdriver to pull through the grommet at the head and tack.  This will save your fingers.
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