Author Topic: VIPER #102 For Sale. Located at FWYC - home of the 2017 Beacon NA Champs!  (Read 350 times)

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VIPER #102 For Sale.  Located at FWYC - home of the 2017 Beacon NA Champs!

I just ordered a new Viper from Craig and it should be here before the North American Championship.  Therefore, this Viper is for sale (possible charter).

GREAT BOAT!  VERY FAST.  Just got 3rd place at the MEIGS regatta (17 Vipers).
Price: $18,500.00 obo
Year:  2009  (Hull is in very good condition)
Hull # 102
1 set of Quantum Sails - Good condition  (main, jib and spin)
1 older Hyde Main - Ok condition
1 pretty new spin - Grey, has some small patches

NEW 2017 Main, Jib and Spin Halyards (top of the line)
NEW 2016 Spin Sheets and Main Sheet with split-tail (top of the line)
NEW 2017 Harken Blocks/pulleys for the Spin sheets and Spin halyard deck
NEW 2017 Keel Lifting System
NEW 2017 GNAV webbing/eyestrap
NEW 2017 Rondar Rudder Bracket (on order since May but have not received)
NEW 2017 Top Cover
NEW 2017 Spinnaker Sock
NEW 2017 Hiking Straps with padding
Lots of other NEW stuff I bought but can't think of right now...
2016 GNAV system upgrade
Carbon mast
Trailer in excellent shape with new tires

Call me if interested (850)-two one seven - 2177.  I'll be happy to send photos.

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