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Viper 640 - Texas Fleet Info
« on: November 05, 2008, 01:16:29 PM »
Welcome to the Texas Viper fleet! 

We have a rapidly growing and enthusiastic group of Viper sailors in TX, with boats currently in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area and Austin.  The latest addition to the fleet is a brand new boat that was just delivered in Dallas in October '08, and the biggest news is there's a fleet buy happening for Texas, with delivery in early '09.  There are deposits in for boats going to Austin and Galveston Bay, and there may be room for one more boat in that container, so if you're interested in joining our fleet buy, at a very attractive discount from list prices, drop me a note.

If you're interested in test driving a Viper in TX, pls. e-mail fpayet[at]alum[dot]mit[dot]edu (replacing the [at] and [dot] as appropriate) and I'll put you in touch with the closest Viperer to you.  You can also post a message to this forum and we'll take it from there!  There are also two used Vipers that will be available for sale to Texas sailors (there's lots of demand for used boats around the country, but we want to keep these boats in the TX fleet).  If you want to hear more about the used vipers, drop me a note.

2009 Viper Texas Circuit
The 2009 Season will include a 5 Regatta Circuit in Texas.  WE invite you to join this great group of enthusiastic, fun sailors who are ready to hit the road and do some Viper racing.

Scoring will be high-points, with scores at each circuit stop as follows: first place boat gets 40 points, second 39 points, etc.  Top 4 regattas are scored for each participant, so people who attend all 5 regattas get a throwout.  No bonus points for attendance to "away" events, although there may be a "Road Warrior" trophy at the end of the season awarded to the skipper who travelled the most miles during the season.

 There will be a 10 point bonus to Texas Circuit participants who attend the 2009 Charleston Race Week.  CRW will not, however, be scored as a TX Circuit event.

We will be voting in early 2009 on the possible addition of an Oklahoma City stop (OKC would be granted "honorary" Texas nationality for the event), a Corpus Christi stop, and an Austin December stop.
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