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Viper #24 For sale, $15,000 OBO, West Coast
« on: January 24, 2017, 08:04:20 PM »
Race Ready Mark I Viper for sale

*** Completely upgraded ***

This is a San Francisco Bay Area boat which I bought some time ago hoping that the class would grow here, but it never did.  The Viper arguably is not really "enough boat" for the Bay with the regular 20-30knots we get here.  Since I'm not sailing it much, she's unfortunately on the sale block.  Got well over $20k in her.

- Carbon Mast
- Keel Bulb upgrade
- Upgraded rigging and lines
- Rudder gudgeon/pintle plate
- Neoprene cockpit liner
- Lots of small things

Other notables:
- Trailer is not the standard Viper trailer with vertical bunks, but rather a more traditional standard float-on trailer with lateral bunks that are much easier on the hull.  The trailer is also much lower to the ground, which is really nice for rigging.  Clean title.
- New top cover
- Straight rudder (original design, grandfathered)
- Racing Sails: Kevlar Hyde main in good shape and a North jib with a few moderate seasons on it (also in good shape)
- Hyde kite with EFG logo, fairly unused
- One older kite, yellow, functional
- Non-viper heavy duty/heavy air dacron sail (same height as the main, but about 2ft less in the draft).  Previous owner used it for heavy air PHRF
- Several other older and dacron sails suitable for tooling around
- Removable motor mount for PHRF (original Viper equipment I think)

- The hull was painted by a previous owner and should be sanded down. (I will do this with you if you want)
- Leaks a little like most Mark 1's (keel box refurbishment is about $2k but not really needed)
- Various minor cosmetic dings and stains on the topside

This is about as inexpensive of a Viper as is out there.  Mark I's do make it to the front of of the fleet and are somewhat stronger/more durable boats due to the materials (S-glass and Epoxy vs. E-glass and polyester/vinylester).  She'll last forever.  It's a great boat to start with and if you get so good that the 3rd order details matter, trade up!

Can deliver anywhere in the country for a fair price, and for free if you want to do a West Coast regatta with me.

The boat is currently located in Grass Valley, CA, about 75 min. from Sacramento.

(Side note: I also own #56)


Olaf Bleck
obleck [at]

Note: four pictures attached, which you can't see if you're logged in as "guest" in the forum.  Feel free to email me and I'll send them to you.
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Re: Viper #24 For sale, $15,000 OBO, West Coast
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 09:43:11 AM »
Hello Olaf,

Is this boat still for sale?


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Re: Viper #24 For sale, $15,000 OBO, West Coast
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Hi Graham, I got your direct email and just sent you a reply.  Give me a call at 617-513-9841 or 530-797-6523
East Coast: Viper #56;  West Coast: Viper #24 (available for charter)