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Welcome Lake Lanier Fleet-SE
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Lake Lanier Fleet

The Lake Lanier fleet was started by a group of folks that have a good mix of keel and dinghy boat sailors. Some have years of sailing experience and some are new to racing. This has allowed for all levels of competition to take place within the fleet.

In August of 2008, we started with 1 boat on the lake and we now support an active fleet of over nine boats. All the sailors are interested in taking anybody for a sail to become familiar with the excitement of the Viper 640. We feel the fleet should grow beyond 11 boats by March of 2009.

We actively participate in the SE Circuit that begins January 9th and are open to all skippers and crew that may enjoy the great venues that are lined up for 2009.

We are actively seeking to grow the SE fleet, both in boat owners and crew. Our Fleet Captain, Gary Umberger, and all the SE Viper sailors welcome you to go sailing with us, on the hottest boat in the country.

Lake sponsored events include:

SE Viper Inland Championship-October 2009
Wednesday Night Racing-2009
Lake Lanier One Design Racing-Saturday or Sunday throughout the season
Several (on-going) Regattas that all Viper sailors are welcome