Author Topic: Debrief from Bermuda #1 - Thoughts about the Schedule for future Worlds  (Read 853 times)

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My team and Jackie had a wonderful time in Bermuda.  We want to thank again Somers, Doug and all the organizers, volunteers, officials, local fleet and sponsors who rolled out an amazing welcome mat and hosted a world class event.

It sets the standard for our next world championship.

If anyone has any feedback and ideas from Bermuda that we should incorporate in future world championships please feel free to send me an email justinscott at optonline dot net.  The international board and the hosts of future world championships benefit from all ideas.

I have been reflecting on the schedule of racing for our World championship and lessons learnt from Bermuda.

Personally, I think the format of  a 2 day pre-regatta and a 4 day worlds works very well.
One suggestion I want to put out for consideration  is that the lay day should be in the middle of the worlds, not between the pre-regatta and the worlds. Then we give the OA the discretion to use the lay day as a “make up” day, if we lose a day of sailing, or look like we are going to lose a day of sailing.

In Bermuda, this would have enabled an additional day of racing for the international/world championship.

If racing is running on schedule, then a lay day will be in the middle of the world championship, giving us a break in the regatta for partying, hitting the beaches and/or repairing boats.

Thus a regatta schedule might look like:

Sunday  - Pre Regatta
Monday – Pre Regatta
Tuesday – Worlds Day 1
Wednesday – Worlds Day 2
Thursday – Lay Day/Make Up Day
Friday – Worlds Day 3
Saturday – Worlds Day 4

Thoughts? Responses?

My personal feeling after reflecting on Bermuda is that the Pre-Regatta should stay a relaxed warm up regatta and not be designated an important regional regatta. Several boats said to me they enjoyed the opportunity to tune up against the best and try different rig settings, and to venture around the course to get acquainted with it in a way that they would not in a more serious regatta. Others took advantage of the schedule to sail an incomplete day to do boatwork or hang out with loved ones in the afternoon.  Some teams chose just to sail one day.  This would be even more important if we roll straight into the worlds the following day.

But we are very much open to have at it......


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