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Bermuda Boat Prep Specials
« on: October 04, 2016, 04:21:12 PM »
Hi all,

I tried posting this flyer on the forums but having difficulty.

  Deb and I put together some boat prep specials for Bermuda.  If you are not making it to Bermuda, feel free to take advantage of the specials listed below.  email or call in your order to have shipped to you so you can either pack your gear into your boat for shipping or pack into your suitcase to bring with ya. 

If you are not making it to Bermuda, plan on attending the 2017 Viper North American Championship the last week of October 2017 in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Gulf Performance Sailing
Viper Bermuda Prep Specials
Valid October 1-17, 2016
To order, please call 850-797-2933 or email

  Main Halyard, 4mm, Vectran Core-Polyester Cover
  Black with yellow fleck, 717kg Break load
  67 feet, whipped each end, (reg. $60.50) SALE: $47.85   

  Spin Halyard, 6mm, 8plait polyester, the stuff that zings
  White, with black and red fleck, 891kg Break Load
  88 feet, whipped each end, (reg. $50.24) SALE: $38.00 

Jib Halyard, 5mm, Twisted Polyester Core-Polyester Cover
White with black and red fleck, 702kg Break Load
48 feet, whipped each end, (reg $31.04) SALE: $20.75

Tack Line, 5mm Vectran, 12strand, no cover
Natural Color, 2405kg Break Load
17 feet, whipped each end, (reg. $25.00) SALE: $16.00

Jib Sheet, 8mm, Excel Fusion, Dyneema SK78 core, blended
Dyneema & polypropylene cover, grey in color, 1411kg Break Load
Cut to order, (reg. $2.14 foot) SALE: $1.82 foot

Tow Line, 8mm, Polypropylene tight weave, yellow in color
66 feet, whipped each end, (reg. $32.45) SALE: $23.50

Marlow Gemini, 9mm, Dual/Twin Dyneema Core, blended
Dyneema & polypropylene cover, orange  color, 1434kg Break Load
Limited quantity available (reg. $3.09 foot) SALE: $2.45 foot


Eelsnot Speed Coating, Eelsnot Boat Therapy is an eco-friendly hydrophobic compound that shields surfaces from direct contact with water. Eelsnot Boat Therapy retards marine growth on hulls at the molecular level. You will go faster
20oz tub, can cover Viper bottom 3x, (reg. $44.99) SALE: $32.75

Rooster Sailing Gloves, finger, and full finger,
3xs,2xs,xs,s,m,l,xl,2xl (reg. $28.89) SALE: $23.69
Zhik Deckbeater Shorts (reg. $115.00) SALE: $92.00
Zhik Deckbeater Pants  (reg.  $169.00) SALE: $135.00
   XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL limited quantities available

15% off Harken Blocks and Cleats, 10% off Ronstan Spin Halyard Swivel Cleat (reg. $56.21)
CALL IN ORDER TO 850-797-2933 or email to
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