Author Topic: 2016 GL Summer Series - there will be a trophy!! come to Lake Champlain and you  (Read 778 times)

Steve Chapman

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2016 Great Lakes Series - the results so far....

So Darren & I were discussing that it would be good to have a result and trophy for the Great Lakes season. The series so far has had 4 regattas, 23 races with 19 Vipers participating!

To keep it fair, and recognise that everyone can't necessarily make it to every regatta, we total the results for all races and allow a drop of 30% of the races.

With 1 event to go (Lake Champlain) the standings are very close.
If there are lots of races in Lake Champlain you too have a chance to win!
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Darren Gilbert

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Hi Steve - Thanks again for putting this together. 

See you in Lake Champlain!
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