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Zeke Horowitz Viper Seminar Notes
« on: August 12, 2016, 12:37:37 PM »
Virtual Seminar

North One-Design’s Zeke Horowitz gave some excellent Viper tuning/sail trim, and boat handling seminars—one at the GYA Opening Regatta at the Fairhope Yacht Club and one a few weeks later at Larchmont Yacht Club.

Those of us who have sailed against Zeke know that whatever he’s doing is working and he has put together a great overview of his seminars including photos to help us visualize his points. Before you sail your Viper again, click on the following link and read what Zeke has to offer.

Editor’s note: Yes, Zeke works for North Sails...but he’s stepped-up to offer this learning tool.  Other sailmakers or sailors are fact submit tips, techniques, and other smart sailing points that we’ll share on the site and in Snake Bytes. Send submissions to  And, yes, photos showing what you’re describing are highly suggested.
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