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2011 Viper #153 turn key boat - reduced
« on: June 09, 2016, 04:34:15 PM »
2011 Viper #153 'Last Call'

This is a great turn key boat, British built and extremely quick. Won the past 3 San Diego NOODS and has been a podium finisher numerous other events. The boat has been sitting way too much for a Viper. The keel has been repaired March of 2016 and is now perfect. This made a quick boat even faster. Comes with multiple sets of sails, the 2014 Ullmans are still quick and recently were used to win NOODs this year. The boat has been constantly upgraded to improve performance, 2:1 jib halyard, Cunningham led to rails, Vertical Spin halyard launch system (pull halyard from base of mast vs the stock headbanger cleat) and a few other tweaks.

3 full sets of sails: Hyde, and 2 Ullmans
Additional Ullman kite and North Jib
All new halyards in 2014. Covered vectran main halyard, Paraloc Jib Halyard
Velocitek Speedpuck. 
TackTik Micro
Handheld VHF
Top and bottom covers
Standard Trailer with spare
Instrument bracket.
Extendable carbon extension
Keel repaired March 2016
2:1 jib halyard
Cunningham led to rails
Vertical kite hoist


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Re: 2011 Viper #153 turn key boat - reduced
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Boat Reduced to 22k!!!!