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Gulf Area Viper Email Blast (January)
« on: January 26, 2016, 03:56:43 PM »
Hello everyone.  We hope each and every one of ya’ are staying warm and dry this winter.     

 As you can probably guess, Viper activity has been ​busy.  Just weeks after the GYA Winter  Meeting at Fairhope Yacht Club, Viper purchases for new, demo, and pre-­owned boats has  been crazy.  Searches and offers on boats has been keeping current owners, Rondar, and Gulf  Performance Sailing on their toes.  Rondar and Gulf Performance Sailing are doing their best to  provide as much information as possible in regards to ​ all​  Vipers for sale, be it used or new.  Just in the last week alone, 7 used/demo Vipers have been sold, and deposits on at least three  new Vipers have been taken or deposit is in process.  If you are interested in a used Viper, take advantage of the inventory that is available now, and pay close attention to the  pre­owned Vipers on the Viper 640 Class website (​​ ).

 Mardi Gras Race Week. This is a neat regatta that New Orleans Yacht Club puts on annually.  Macho is working on getting the Vipers back to MGRW.  This is an awesome opportunity for  those new Viper owners, and Clubs with just purchased boats to get some time on the water  and learn the boat.  Craig and Deborah will be on hand to help out with rigging and sailing the  boats, and are open to crew for some people if you wish.  Quite a few boats are at the Sarasota  Sailing Squadron the weekend prior and will stay there going into Miami Race Week in March  before heading back North for local waters, so we should expect a small turnout for MGRW.  Right now some thoughts are asking MGRW organizers to just have the Vipers sail on Saturday  and Sunday rather than Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Thoughts?   

GYA Sportboat Championship.  The GYA is leading progressive and forward thinking in sailing  by organizing the GYA Sportboat Championship Series.  2016 calls for four events, 2017 calls  for eight events, and 2018 sees everyone sailing Vipers!  the 2016 events are as follows: GYA  Opening Regatta, Fairhope YC.  Meigs Regatta, Fort Walton YC, Weatherly Regatta, Gulfport  YC, Sugar Bowl Race of Champions, Southern YC.  For greater detail, please visit the Gulf  Yachting Association website ​​ .

   Southern Yacht Club has invited the Vipers to attend the Juby Wynne Regatta, Memorial Day  Weekend, May 28th and 29th.  Monday is a Holiday so no rush to get home.  SYC will be  hosting a crawfish boil that Saturday night for the sailors. 

 Localized Fleets in the GYA are developing.  Jackson YC is building a local fleet.  Boat purchases between Panama City, Fort Walton, and Pensacola are seeing 7 boats forming a  local fleet already.  State fleet challenges next???   

2017 Viper North Americans are scheduled for Fort Walton Yacht Club in October, 2017.  With  51 boats pre­registered for 2016 NAC’s in Bermuda, with another 8 reportedly making plans,
Bermuda can see up to sixty Vipers on the start line.  How many can we get for 2017 right here  in the GYA?   

Stay tuned for another email blast with more GYA Viper information in the next week or so.  Next regatta in the pipeline is Sarasota Sailing Squadron Viper Winter Series #3, February 6th  and 7th.  Followed by Mardi Gras Race Week at New Orleans Yacht Club the very next  weekend.   

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Craig and Deborah
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Re: Gulf Area Viper Email Blast (January)
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You guys are working really hard and it's showing.. Thanks for building the class!

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