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Jubilee Regatta Report
« on: November 16, 2015, 08:46:02 AM »
Hi, all. 

The Vipers are moving along nicely in the Gulf Yachting Association.  Last weekend at Pensacola Yacht Club's Jubilee, the Viper Class saw for the first time...Gulf Yachting Association sail numbers!!!   Two Vipers sported the GYA club sail numbers.  Viper GYA 60 (St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club) and Viper GYA 10 (Pensacola Yacht Club).  The Viper Logo on the sail had the letter "C" with the logo , identifying the boat as a "club" boat.  The GYA sail numbers are assigned by the Club in conjuction with the GYA designated sail numbers for each club.   Link GYA sail numbers is here:
The Jubilee Regatta annually hosts Lightnings, Thistles, and Vipers.  The regatta is also timed with the Naval Aviation Blue Angel Airshow overhead while sailing.  Though this year found cloudy skies with light and shifty winds on Saturday.  This year the Lightnings had a schedule conflict and were unable to attend.  Thistles and Vipers shared the same course getting in  few races on Saturday. One Viper newly acquired by a new owner out of Pensacola was unable to sail due to work restrictions, however that owner is pumped up that he had a regatta at his club.  Sundays forecast was for small craft advisories with rain, so the RC called the regatta on Sunday.  Results:

1    234      Viper 640               Craig/Deb Wilusz   BBSC / FWYC        1    1    3    5       
2   GYA 10  Rodent 640            Hunter Riddle   Pensacola Yacht Club  3    2    1    6   
3    22        Zombie Apocalypse Macho Slavich   NOYC                       5    4    2    11T   
4  GYA 60   Cougarcandy          Alex Johnson/Kip Keelin   StABYC       2    5    4    11T   
5   196       Eye of the Tiger      Don Faircloth   Fairhope Yacht Club     4    3    5    12   
Next event lined up for the Gulf Yachting Association area Viper Fleet is the Sarasota Sailing Squadron Winter Series.  as of 11/15/15 25 Vipers are registered, with a reported six more signing up in the next week,

Keep an eye on Gulf Performance Sailing Facebook Page beginning this week for constantly changing winter and holiday specials:

See ya on the water...

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