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Ocean Springs Yacht Club, Demo Days report
« on: August 31, 2015, 05:49:43 PM »
Demo Days Report.  Ocean Springs Yacht Club, Mississippi, August 29th.

Another great Viper 640 Demo Days was held along the Gulf Coast this past weekend.  The Viper 640 found itself at the incredible Ocean Springs YC.  Primarily a beach cat sailing club, OSYC hosts a raised club house with a wonderful view of the sailing venue, a very active swimming pool, a soft sand beach front just perfect for launching dingies and beach cats, and a large dry storage area just the right size to host beach cats and beach cat regattas.

Sailing the Viper off the beach is not difficult at all.  Deborah and Craig held multiple demo sails coming in and off the beach with practice.  The group at Ocean Springs YC is hugely welcoming , inviting the Viper 640 to sail a couple of races during the 10th Anniversary of Katrina making landfall on the Mississippi Coast.  Three races were sailed on two different courses.  Course one hosting Hobie 16's, Hobie 17, Hobie 18, a gorgeous modified Javelin, 18HT's, a Nacra 20.... and the Viper 640.  The Viper managed a 4th in race one, albeit starting a few minutes late.  Race two had the Viper correcting out in 1st.  The third race had the Viper skipping out , and taking the wonderful members out for demo sails. 

Multiple demo sails were run, with experience levels ranging from a youth who had never sailed a with a spinnaker before ( he did just great driving!) to well seasoned beach cat veterans getting a kick on how easy the Viper was to sail. 

Later in the day, quite a few Ocean Springs members continued to arrive for a cookout and were asking questions about the Viper.  A request was made if it were possible to leave the Viper on display for a few days for more members to review during the week.  Craig and Deborah were happy to make that arrangement.  The Viper is on display , on the trailer, mast up, for more members to review the boat during the week. 

If you happen to be driving along the Mississippi Coast , do make a point to check out Ocean Springs Yacht Club, truly a unique club.
Craig and Deborah
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