Author Topic: Pass Christian Yacht Club, demo weekend report  (Read 857 times)

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Pass Christian Yacht Club, demo weekend report
« on: August 17, 2015, 09:02:18 AM »
August 14,15,16  Pass Christian Yacht Club, Mississippi

Demo Days Report

Viper 640 and Zim 15 demo weekend at Pass Christian Yacht Club was a fun weekend. Lots and lots of demos from Friday evening going into Sunday afternoon. Finally got the Zim 15 into some breeze, and learned more about that boat. We can't count how many folks we took out for sails on the Viper 640. One ride with some ladies from the Scots in the stronger breeze found one lady giggling like she was a teenager while driving the Viper in the breeze. We kept the Viper in the water all weekend long, and the eelsnot that was applied on a few weeks ago kept any sound water staining from happening. Deborah and Craig got one double hand session in together in the 14-18 knot breezes and had a ball. Some comments heard over the weekend:

"I love the Viper, it is big and roomy and I can do anything on the boat" - female Opti Sailor

"I like the Viper because it doesn't flip over"- female Opti Sailor

"I feel safer on the Viper than the other boat" - male 420 sailor

"I can get the chute up and down all by myself" - 12 year old male

"This makes Scot sailing seem stupid" - adult female, driving the Viper while trimming main

"The VX is more fun for me, but the Viper is a bigger, more stable boat. I could teach sailing on the Viper, where I couldn't on the VX" -young adult female

"The self tacking jib is cool on the VX, but the jib set up on the Viper is better for match racing, or team racing, or even just teaching people how to sail" - young adult female

"The kids love the Viper, and fat guys can't sail the VX. Vote the Viper" -adult male

"The size and crew ranges on the Vipers allow for junior and younger sailors the chance to race with adults. The limited crew range on the VX will limit the kids sailing" -adult male

"Our club will only be putting two people on the VX, the Viper gives our club the opportunity to put two or three adults in a race, and even get more of the kids in the racing." - adult male

"I was told I was to big to crew on the VX, but I can sail with all sorts of people on the Viper" -male youth sailor

"This boat is a keel boat and our members will be able transition into the Viper. I am afraid that some of the members will not be able to sail the VX" -adult male

"The helm is a lot lighter than I thought it would be" -adult male

"The rudder has a lot of control, not squirelly like on the other boat" -adult male

"I like the Viper because I know I will never be washing mud off the sails" -adult male

"This is a much better boat for the girls than the other boat, this is much more stable, has more room, and less physical than hiking down the other boat" -adult female

"This is a better boat for the ladies, the guys need to listen to us" -adult female

"I feel much more comfortable taking my kids out on this boat, the VX just doesn't have the room and is much more tippy.  I would be afraid to capsize the VX, so I don't think I would bring my kids out on the VX, but this boat, sure" -adult female

"Can I sail on the Viper again" - heard all weekend from all age groups, men and women alike. Our answer is yes, yes you can. See you at the next demo!
Craig and Deborah
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