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PNW Regatta Run Down
« on: June 18, 2015, 10:30:55 PM »
The PNW just completed its 3rd Viper Regatta in as many months. The most recent addition being the Windermere Regatta in Anacortes WA. To quote David Lee Roth "This must be just like living in paradise". The 10-15k breeze MIGHT have oscillated 5 degrees over the course of the weekend with temps in the 70s. Add a few deer walking on the beach, an occasional bald eagle flying overhead, Mt. Baker looming in the background and get the picture. The fleet had only 5 on the line with Peter Graves absent (showing mercy on us) after he and his son showed us how it was done, sailing 2up and sailing away from the fleet in the light air POD Regatta the month prior in Seattle.
In a resent Snake Bytes article, Class Prez Jim Sears wrote a fantastic article about Fleet building. The PNW took it to heart with each Viper in the Windermere Regatta having at least one of the following, a new Viper sailor, a person completely new to sailing, or a junior sailor. Rafe Beswick sailed with 2 high school sailors from Anacortes. The Viper vibe for the event was amazing and, by the end of the regatta,  Vipers were "rescuing" PHRF sailors from their 4kt prisons for the couple mile downhill run back to the club. We personally had a 200+ pound extra for the ride back Sunday, and hit 13+ a couple times with 4 of us on the boat! Smiles all around.
Seattle POD -
Windermere -

Below is a pic of Rafe and his juniors Windermere crew of Peter Correa and Kian Patrick
Also a pic of the fleet at Seattle POD
USA 129
Anacortes WA