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Stamford Viper Open
« on: September 24, 2013, 03:22:07 PM »
Great weather at Stamford this past weekend to kick off the fall WLIS Viper season.  Both days were sunny and fairly warm (save for the 60-minute downpour on Saturday), with breeze that gusted into the 20s and gave everyone a chance to get in some heavy air practice.  3 races on Saturday before the conditions got too hairy with gusts into the high 20s, and 5 races on Sunday.  Congratulations to Joe Healey, Paul Zimmerman and Jay Rhame, who teamed up to create a Viper superteam and win the regatta handily.  Charles Goodrich, Roy Moss and Bill Walker were second, one point ahead of the Larchmont/Storm Trysail DragonFire team, who were only 3 points ahead of Bob Matthews.  Results: and photos:
Huge thanks to Andrew Weiss and Gabe Jostrom for making tow boats available...being able to tow Vipers to/from Stamford at 11+ kts on Dragon's Keep made the trip a bit easier, though Dave and I were able to jib reach from LYC to Stamford in 70 minutes on Sunday morning, 90 minutes on the way home with a bit tighter angle and a period of lighter air off Manursing Island.  All I know is that we beat everyone back who had a motorboat or car by an hour, though they did admittedly look drier and warmer than us.  Fun sail though. 

Updated season standings attached.  Stamford has said that this weekend will remain a Viper Open weekend going forward on their calendar in lieu of the late August event, so that is good news. 
- Sept. 28, Oct. 5: regular Saturday YRALIS racing at LYC.  If there are non LYC teams who want to come in and race before HPDO, please let me know and we may be able to find you space in the drysail area.  First warning 2:25 pm both days.  If you're planning to race this Saturday, please let me know -- I have a note that Viper 206 Amelie is on tap for beer duty this Saturday...if anyone needs crew either day, please let me know ASAP since there will probably be a bunch of people hunting for crew with AYC Fall Series happening both of those weekends. 
- Oct. 12-13: HPDO at AYC -- 29 Vipers already signed up, only 11 of which are from the WLIS area -- there are a few stragglers missing from the scratch sheet (I'm looking at you Mambo Kings, Toro2, Eclipse, RedRhumb, Junkyard Dog, TOHM, Screaming Eagle, Pink Storm, and anyone else I missed who doesn't have a good excuse such as "I'll be in Houston for North Americans").  There are A LOT of crew looking to get out there for HPDO -- if you need someone, please let me know ASAP -- esp. since I will be in Houston that week and will be slow at email if you're scrambling on short notice.  If you need to sign up, go to
Finally, congratulations to Jason Carroll and Chad Corning for winning the Melges 32 Worlds last weekend.  When asked by the Italian media how they were able to achieve the largest margin of victory in M32 class history at a Worlds, Jason credited all of the hours spent sailing Viper 640s, and said he was looking forward to racing in Houston in a few least that's how it came out in Google Translate.  Nice work, gentlemen.
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