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YRALIS Champs recap
« on: August 05, 2013, 10:58:14 AM »
Lots of Viper racing this weekend -- good conditions combined with beats of reasonable length (0.75 nm) and an aggressive race committee allowed for a 10-race weekend (6 Saturday, 4 Sunday).  Saturday was a steadier SWer that built a bit as the day went on to around 13 kts, with Sunday a very shifty NW breeze that also built to around 12-15 kts (though there were big holes in the breeze). 

Racing was south of Bluefish Shoals, a bit east of Rye Playland and roughly halfway between Larchmont and Stamford outside the Greenwich Islands (maybe a tiny bit closer to Stamford), with Larchmont and Stamford teams towing over by water / sailing to meet in the middle.  A bit of a trek (5 nm for both Larchmont and Stamford to the racecourse) but a great thing to be able to do a couple of teams a year. 

15 Vipers signed up, 13 sailed at least one of the two days.  Team Blackout Proposal won 8 of the 10 races to win the title, with Charles Goodrich and crews Bill Walker and Roy Moss sailing very well to take the other two.  Some noteworthy performances by other teams, including Wild Hogs, with Lou Magarelli as guest skipper leading the team to 3rd overall for the weekend, Jester starting Saturday with a strong 4,5, and guest skipper Jamie Cummiskey borrowing Viper 94 from Jonathan Nye to have a number of solid races. 

Updated season standings are attached.  Teams that didn't sail this weekend got dinged a bit from a qualification standpoint since there were so many races, but there's plenty of opportunity to catch up. 
The WLIS Viper schedule calms down significantly over the next month - largely local racing unless people are feeling ambitious and want to do some traveling.  Here's what we have through mid September:
Aug. 10: local YRA off Larchmont, 2:25 first warning (Tomoka on beer duty)
Aug. 17: local YRA off Larchmont, 2:25 first warning (Argo on beer duty)
Aug. 24-25: no Larchmont racing - though Stamford YC is hosting an event which doesn't count toward WLIS season standings
Aug. 31: local YRA off Larchmont, 2:25 first warning (probably - Labor Day weekend)
Sept. 7: Leukemia Cup at LYC, earlier warning, only one day of racing
Sept. 20-21: Stamford Viper Open (counts toward WLIS season standings)
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