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LYC Race Week recap
« on: July 22, 2013, 10:56:45 AM »
Nice weekend of Viper racing at LYC - 25 Vipers signed up for Race Week, making us the largest class, and the 4th regatta in the past couple of months where Vipers have been the largest class (Long Beach Race Week, Cedar Point One Design, Newport Regatta).  Saturday was pretty spectacular -- 3 races, each windward-leeward twice around, with legs lengthened to 1.25 nm for Races 2 and 3, beating into foul tide to ensure that everyone's quads were on fire upwind.
First race was in 10-12 kts from the SW.  The breeze started to go right on the first beat, and the Argo Team of Jason Carroll, John Baxter and Elvis Boat Captain Scott sniffed it out, took a bunch of sterns off the starting line to get right, while Danny Pletsch/Cardwell Potts/Megan Magill/Jennifer Watkins on Blackout Proposal had great height on the middle left, with the two all black spinnakers arounding the windward mark 1/2, which held around the racecourse (apologies to those two if there were some lead changes - it's hard to tell further back).  In the second race, the breeze clocked more to the right and began to build to 14-16 kts.  Jay Rhame/Ted Ferrarone/Rachel Daugherty and Katie Murphy had a massive lead at the weather mark, but were ground down by Blackout Proposal by the finish.   Team Tomoka (Jostrom/Mauro/Santangelo) and DragonFire (Weiss/LaMotte/Asch) sailed extremely well in the first two races, trading 3s and 4s.  A few boats rounded the wrong weather mark in Race 2 (the change mark for the Etchells), and after an hour-long redress hearing, the redress request was denied, but the 4-5 offending boats were not protested for failing to sail the course under the seldom used Protest Committee Principle of Rachmanus.  The third race saw the breeze gusting to around 20 kts, with big downdraft puffs mixing in from the right.  Team Amelie (Fernberger/Buc/McAndrews) rounded the weather mark in first, but smacked the mark with their boom, allowing Team Vicious Panda to slip ahead on the penalty turn.  Blackout Proposal passed the Pandas on the second beat, with Flux Capacitor riding a massive puff down the left side of the run to finish third. 
We had a fleet keg in the drysail area that went over well - 60% consumed Saturday, the remaining 40% killed quickly on Sunday.  The forecasted thunderstorms stayed south of Larchmont, allowing for a fun Southern-Style beach party at the LYC pool after teams had consumed their share of complimentary Ben & Jerry's on the lawn. 
Sunday morning saw some creative Viper antics pre-start (awkward halyard retrieval, pin dragging, etc.) that led to a brief postponement.  The first race started in a 6-7 kt ENE breeze that clocked left 20 degrees with a minute to go before the start, allowing those who were at the pin to cross the fleet quickly, with 90% of the beat sailed on port tack.  Argo, Barry Parkin's Pink Storm from Riverside, with Andy Kaplan as crew, and Blackout Proposal rounded 1,2,3 and held those positions the rest of the race.  The breeze lightened up in the second half of the race, and with the other classes two legs behind, the RC made the decision to end racing for the day - unfortunately, the breeze held on a bit longer the rest of the day so a second race might have been possible, but it seemed like a reasonable call to make at the time, and allowed teams to get back to the drysail area where the keg was waiting and get boats put away early.  Team Blackout Proposal won the regata, with Argo in second and Vicious Panda in third.  Results:
Huge thanks to everyone for coming out, esp. those who traveled in from other parts of the Sound.  The next couple of big regattas are in Western CT, and we hope to return the favor.  Next regatta on the calendar is YRALIS Champs Aug. 3-4 out of Indian Harbor YC.  The racecourse will be just east of Playland, and LYC boats will either sail or tow over, depending on the conditions, so masts can stay up.  7 Vipers are already signed up, and I know of at least 6 others who plan to sign up (Hogs, Rhame, 195, 94, 176, 177) -- please sign up today so that we can rally the troops to get more WLIS Vipers signed up:
Updated season standings are attached -- 15 boats have sailed at least 50% of the races to qualify - keep it up everyone!  9 other boats are within 3 races of qualifying -- reminder that you need to sail 50% of the races to qualify for the season. 
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